Some of the measures are as follows:-

1) Clean your jewellery: Our own body sweat can get the jewellery subdued. So clean the jewellery once in two weeks with soapy warm water and a toothbrush.

2) Keep separately in clean and dry storage: Always keep every jewellery in fabric-lined boxes and keep them in separate compartments each so that they don’t get ruined by scratching with each other.

3) Avoid direct sunlight: Exposing jewellery in direct sunlight can get the lustre of jewellery faded. So keep the jewellery away from direct sunlight as much as you can.

4) Avoid exposure of chemicals, oils and other liquids: Always avoid contact of your jewellery with aerosol sprays, oils, chemicals etc. as we never even want our jewellery to get bleached.

5) Avoid Water: Now you would be wondering that why avoiding water when I told you to clean the jewellery with it. Well, I should clear now. Wearing jewellery during bath, shower or swimming as wearing jewellery during bath with cold water shrinks our fingers which cause the ring to slip off from our fingers and eventually the ring is destroyed whereas wearing jewellery during swimming can get it ruined due to the presence of chlorine and salt water (and add sweat as this too can spoil the shine of the jewellery )

Nothing lasts forever. So remember that even your jewellery won’t last forever. If you want to save your jewellery ultimate damage, don it as less as possible.