Who is a reseller and how reselling works?

A reseller is a middleman between the manufacturer or wholesaler and customer who can resell the purchased commodity from manufacturers or wholesalers to the customers. They are also known as drop shippers. Reselling business needs neither a manufacturing unit nor a warehouse which makes it the most convenient work to initiate and getting profits without excessive wastage of money unlike distributorship business where you need to spend on establishing and maintaining a warehouse and buying commodities which end drastically.


As we know the concept of dropshipping (or reselling) business, now we should know why you should be a jewellery reseller.


Why you should be an Artificial Jewellery Reseller?

1) No Excessive Money needed to be spent: Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to spend much money on precious jewellery made of gold, silver, platinum etc. consisting of diamonds, pearls, gems etc. and get artificial jewellery because they resemble pretty like their counterparts but they are more lightweight and durable as compared to their previous counterparts.

2) Don’t need to maintain a warehouse:You don’t need to buy or rent a godown to make it a warehouse for your jewellery inventory whether you buy jewellery in bulk, some pieces or just a single piece.

3) Buying jewellery directly from manufacturers or wholesalers: Buying directly from a manufacturer or wholesaler and getting it directly sold to customers which is efficient and cost-effective.
Buying jewellery from www.arihantbangles.com  at wholesale price whether in bulk or limited quantity, you will get the best deals.

4) You can maintain your niche according to you: You can sell any jewellery like bangles, bracelets, pendant sets, necklace sets, rings, earrings, chains, mangalsutra etc. and it’s not necessary to sell only one commodity. You can sell any jewellery you desire, you’re free to set up your catalogue.

5) Less Investment, Great Profit: As we discussed earlier that reselling or dropshipping needs no warehouse and an excessive amount of money wasted, this is the best way to start your own business without wasting money and time irrelevantly.

Now you are set to start a business. All you need to get in the business is just dedication and attention. Hope you do your best.