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Arihant Adorable Floral Multicolour Rubber Band fo...
Arihant Adorable Multicolour Rubber Band for Women...
Arihant Best Quality Super Elasticity Hair Bands (...
Arihant Best Quality Super Elasticity Hair Bands (...
Arihant Best Quality Super Elasticity Hair Bands (...
Arihant Best Quality Super Elasticity Hair Bands (...
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Arihant Jewellery For Women Multi-Coloured Hair Ba...
Arihant Jewellery For Women Multi-Coloured Hair Ba...
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Hair Bands

Fancy Hair Bands Online Buys- Arihant Bangles

There are some accessories that simply never go out of style and the hairband is one of them. Not only is it an absolutely functional article that keeps your hair out of your face but it is also a stylish addition to your overall look. Everyone, especially girls, at some point in their childhood has worn a kid’s hairband to school, at home, or for outings. It is even said that keeping your hair tied for most of the day can encourage it to grow longer and prevent damage to it.

If your child is a boy and likes growing his hair out then, as a parent, you can embrace that by buying him a cool boys’ hairband and get with the times. In fact, the trend of long hair on men can be seen on every runway and prominently in popular media, which has made the hairband for men quite a coveted accessory these days. One look at the leading men of Bollywood, who’ve sported this accessory at some point or the other, only proves this point. Today, we will help you discover hair-band varieties to try out and how you can style them.

Types Of Hair Bangles 

Along with jewellery and handbags, the hairband can become your favorite accessory, read on to know why.

The Flower Hair Bands

Wearing one of these will add an instant feminine touch to your outfit. As the name suggests, it is a band that has flowers pasted on it. It could be plastic ones that are glued on or cloth ones that have been stitched on the band. They look lovely with skirts, dresses, and even gowns and are especially fetching on young girls. Such bands are also great for bridal ensembles as they bring softness to a hairdo that is timeless.

The Metallic Hair Bands

If you want an accessory that will bring instant attention to your hair, then you should give this kind a try. They are either made of some kind of metal or have a metallic finish that can be worn to complement your other jewelry, such as bracelets or necklaces. There are also some which have stones on them that further accentuate the style and catch the light more easily.

The Designer Hair Bands

This is probably the most common variety that everyone is familiar with. It is basically the best quality super elastic hairband in a way that protects the hair in place. They are practical for everyday ponytails or would be a great support for hairstyles that require a high bun. In any case, you must own more than one of them.

Styles Ideas For You

Here are some easy styling tips and ideas, using which you can step into the hairband next time.

Party Ready

If you want to attend an event in the evening, you will just need the right clothes. To complete the look, choose a black ethnic look gown with statement silver earrings, silver anklets, and embellish silver-tone hair-band.’

Everyday Simple

Once you try this idea out, you will look fabulous even in your everyday outfits. Use a cloth ladies hairband with a wire in it, to make a bow in the front or at the side of your head. Pair it with your regular jeans and t-shirt or tucked-in checked shirt.

Special Days

This is for those occasions when you have to move your dressing up a notch or two. Choose a lehenga and jewelry set of your choice that will complement it. Then, while you are doing your hairstyle, apply a silver or gold metallic embellished band to enhance your look.

Get A Hair Bands Online

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