Bangles–A pair of lustrous Cubic Zirconia and AD Bangles which would be Rhodium plated, Platinum plated or Gold Plated Bangles are some of good options which can be implemented without any doubt as they are so alluring and looks so real even though they are not but let me tell you that even designer traditional bangles looks so lovely when flaunted.


Bracelet–You would be wondering that does a bracelet too come with different types. Well yes, they do come with different styles like bracelets having American Diamond, Cubic Zirconia with a plating of Gold, Rhodium or Platinum and if some of them are traditional bracelets, still not a big deal.


Pendants – Pendant sets are something which you won’t end up regretting by donning them because their charm is forever elegant even if they are traditional pendants.


Earrings – Earrings, a pair of earrings is the most important part as the ears don’t look good without them and choosing designer fashion earrings will be the best choice whether they are tasseled, stud, drop or hoop earrings.


Necklaces – Now this question. Necklaces, like seriously? Yes, this isn’t a joke. Necklaces are evergreen no matter how old they are and they will be as fashion necklaces are coming with so many designs like South Indian Necklaces, Beaded, Traditional or AD Necklaces and trust me, their aura is irresistibly enchanting.


Now it is your call how to don jewelry according to the moment or occasion and according to your wardrobe.