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One of the most eminent Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Suppliers and Exporters, Arihant Bangles who hails from Delhi, India since 1996 has emerged with a website www.arihantbangles.com to provide convenience and hassle-free service to their valued customers and clients.

www.arihantbangles.com is an online wholesale Fashion Jewelry Store providing almost all types of Designer Imitation Jewelries in Hong Kong at wholesale prices. We maintain a ready-to-ship stock of more than 5000 different products in various categories of Fashion and Indian Traditional Jewelry. We have got over 20,000+ retailers, wholesalers and exporters as our happy clients across the world. We always strive to provide our products with high-class quality at a reasonable price for resellers and retailers for their betterment in margins. We have got satisfied regular customers which consist of wholesalers, retailers and importers across Hong Kong Central and Western, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan.

We provide Dropshipping as well and got many drop shippers who are happy to deal with us.

自1996年以來一直來自印度德里的最著名的仿製珠寶製造商,批發商,零售商,供應商和出口商之一,Arihant Bangles出現了一個網站www.arihantbangles.com,可為其尊貴的客和顧客提供便利和無憂的服務。


www.arihantbangles.com是一家在線時尚珠寶批發商店,以批發價提供香港幾乎所有類型的設計師仿製珠寶。 我們擁有5000多種不同時尚和印度傳統珠寶類別的商品的隨時可用庫存。 我們有超過20,000多家零售商,批發商和出口商,它們是我們遍布全球的滿意客 我們一直努力為經銷商和零售商提供合理價格的高質量品,以提高利潤。 我們的固定客包括香港中西區,九龍,荃灣的批發商,零售商和進口商。


Types of Jewellery

·         Artificial Jewellery

·         Costume Jewellery

·         South Indian Jewellery

·         Swarovski

·         CZ Jewellery

·         Kundan Jewellery

·         Gold Plated Jewellery

·         Silver Plated Jewellery

·         PolkiJewellery

·         Imitation Jewellery

·         American Diamond AD Jewellery

·         Thewa Jewellery


Our Variety of products :

·         (Earrings)

·         项链套装 (Necklace Sets)

·         (Pendant) 

·         设计师吊坠套装 (Designer Pendant Sets)

·         (Bracelets)

·         戒指 (Rings)

·         Payal

·         (Bangles)

·         Maang Tikka

·         Nath

·         Jooda

·         Beaded Malas

·         Kamar Patta

·         Mangalsutra

·         手表 (Watches)

·         Toe Ring

·         (Chain)

·         Hair Accessories

·         Bridal Necklace Set